Is website important?

Is website important?

We all more or less know what a website is. We come across a lot of them every day. Are they really required or it’s just that someone else got it so why shouldn’t we? Asking a “Why” question is so crucial for your business. YES, it is important to have a website for your business. Why?

Web presence is of utmost importance in today’s business. We might know the meaning of a website but do we know the benefits of having one? Or it’s just because of the influence of the market players that we get or don’t get a website for our business? If you have a business and do not have a website you are surely being defeated by your rivals, you are missing out on a large part of your potential business. An interactive website is the most effective and costless market research to know where your customers are as well as knowing what they are looking for. A point of contact that is available 24/7. It helps you control what you want to communicate to your customers since you cannot stop others from posting things for or against you. A website gives you the opportunity to control the perception that customers build for the company. Social media handles are good no doubt but are not enough; you need a website as a social proof to influence what customers think about you. Even before you start giving out your visiting cards or spend any money on Above the Line (ATL) or Below the Line (BTL) marketing, it’s important to get a website as a proof of your venture and a stamp of credibility. The best way to setup a website is to outsource the operations of development and maintenance to a credible developing company that provides traceable and quantifiable results. Now, just having a website is not enough, it's being penny-wise, pound foolish to not invest in digital marketing, SEO and other optimization techniques to be visible to your audience. Not only does a website give to visibility to your target audience, it also attracts talent to work for you!

The bottom line is that the more sophisticated & contemporary your website is, the more are the chances that you get business. YES! A website is invariably one of the most important parts of any business to flourish and to be relevant to the target audience.

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