The Only Traffic with Benefits: Social Media Marketing

The Only Traffic with Benefits: Social Media Marketing

Social-Media is the buzz making word in the marketing strategies used by corporations. The only thing important is to track the efforts of the social media marketing, this can be done only when we have people clicking on our links, sharing our posts and in short, all we need is the traffic!  Now the question is how we get relevant traffic and how to engage this traffic.

The engagement depends now how we structure our communication in our posts and making sure that it is a compelling proposition for the reader to share it and let others also read and share the content. Though many may say that social media is ineffective, trying a few ways to generate a buzz about our content which on the long run will make the readers remember the source of the content is the best way to attract traffic.

Using keywords wisely is one of the ways to get the highest engagement and conversion. English is the most prominent language used on social media. English has a list of influential words that can be used to directly engage the readers and compel them to share and spread the word.

Another way to reach a broader audience is to use #tags, these tags are used to generate discussions on particular topics and issues while a user can easily search for them since they are arranged according to categories.

The amount of engagement that an image or video can create is much higher than just plain text content. The advent of GIF format is also trending and attracts a lot of traffic and is seen to be shared a lot. Going live on Facebook, Instagram etc. is used by many marketers, in 2016, 14% marketers used live videos to engage their audience.

Making our content easily shareable is very important since the majority of the users do not access the social media over the PCs or Laptops, all they use are mobiles and tablets and hence our content must be mobile friendly and shareable. Having actionable, humorous and society related content is the best way to engage people and make them share your content; a good example for this is Amul’s creative illustrations using the brand mascot.  

Implementing SMO- Social Media Optimisation and SEO- Search Engine Optimisation has the best effect on the visibility of your content since, though the content is attractive, simple to share and engaging if it is not visible to the correct audience it has the least chance to give you the expected traffic and engagement. SEO and SMO help the visibility the content using various criteria that boost the engagement and overall success of the social media marketing campaign.  

“Out of sight is out of mind!” A consistent supply of content on the social media is very important. Publishing content on a regular basis means higher chances of being seen. Maintaining a schedule for publishing content must be a part of the social media marketing strategy with a dedicated member to handle all the social media accounts. Editing and updating the content according to each social media platform is important. Using different editing tools to edit images, videos, gifs etc. for each platform makes it simpler for the user to read and share.  

Website also plays a vital role in the conversion. The links on the social media posts make the reader navigate to your website. Having a flexible and attractive website structure also helps in the social media marketing strategy’s success.

Summing up, using the correct keywords along with multimedia content that is easily shareable along with integrated SEO and SMO attracts social media traffic, the only traffic that seems to be pleasant!

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