Our Team

Meet the Team

Abhishek Shah
Founder & CEO

At HNR tech we are the most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals, passionate about the services we provide. We are a team of multi-skilled and curious digital specialists who are always up for a challenge and are as dynamic as the digital world is.

Jiten Modi

Jiten started as a senior developer at MNC before moving to a technical manager position, leading teams of up to 10 developers. He then switched his focus to start-ups, and, as the technical co-founder, implemented several projects from scratch. At HNR Tech, Jiten combines his experience in both corporate and start-up environments to lead internal technological development.

Hemal Doshi

Hemal has a vast and rich experience in the field of Finance and Accounting. Having done his Bachelors in Accounting and Finance, Hemal has a strong hold on various financial aspects of a corporate. With his 15 years of diverse experience, Hemal leads all the Financial and Accounting related tasks efficiently for the HNR Group.

Core Members

Pranjali Bambulkar
Director of HR

Laxminarayan Prabhu
Project Manager

Sankalp Menon
Project Manager

Huma Ansari
Head of Digital Marketing

Bharat Murthy
Project Manager

Umesh Patel
Lead Developer

Amish Waghmare
Lead Designer

Vaishali Chaurasia
Director of Giving